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    A couple of months ago we put our house on the market and started looking for new digs: Masters House is currently a mid terrace two bed and we long ago got fed up with paper thin walls and lack of space. Looking around I very quickly came to the realization that my criteria on houses has changed in the 4 years since I was last looking. I’ve suddenly started assessing future houses on a new criteria: Kink Compatibility. This isn’t as simple as the normal house criteria like number of bedrooms or size of garden, you can apply those across all houses and reasonably easily compare like with like, but Kink Compatibility is much more unique to each house. I found myself drifting between different Kink solutions a house that could have a hidden cupboard, a house with exposed beams that had endless scope for rope work, or a house that lends itself to a complete loft/dungeon conversion.

    In the end I came to an odd realisation that whilst the house we settled on has lots of Kink potential, by far the most difficult question going forward is:

    How do we unlock it?