Sometimes, I’m glad I’m not American

Yes, that’s quite an inflammatory title but let’s start at the beginning. I can’t remember if I’ve specifically mentioned it so far, but I’m British: I think of this as a big part of who I am and I’m immensely proud of it. I’m also in the fortunate place that through my social and professional circles I have a good number of international friends from around the globe and am not afraid to admit that there’s something about most “foreign” cultures that I’m jealous we don’t have in the UK. A few of those friends are American and I’ve visited that great land on several occasions for both Business and Pleasure and always had a wonderful time and made to be felt incredibly welcome.

So why am I glad I’m not an American today? A few weeks ago I was linked to a blog entry by Mike Ramos. For those of you who don’t recognise the name (or are two lazy to google) Mr Ramos is currently the District Attorney for San Bernardino County and is trying to get himself elected as the new Attorney General for the state of California. It might seem off for a blog like mine to comment on a political individual in a far away land but his blog post astounded me so muchi had to write something if only to let of steam.

Mike’s blog post is entitled “Barcodes and Human Trafficking” and focuses and a website called The Slave Register (TSR). TSR is a long established website run by Tanos to allow the ownership and possession subculture a place to register their “possessions”. The website gives each slave a unique number, certificate and barcode linking to their details. It’s a fantastic website and widely used in the community (including Little Whore). For reasons that I can not fathom Mr Ramos seems to have taken it upon himself to conduct a smeer campaign against TSR and if he had it his way would ban the site completely.

In itself, that isn’t unusual, the bdsm community is used to bring downtrodden. However in this particular case the facts are so wrong you wonder how it even came about. Mr Ramos starts by stating that TSR website is for pimps and that the “slaves” are their prostitutes, he goes on to summarise the operation as follows:

For example, when you input this particular registration number, among other things, it lists who the “slave” is “being trained by” and when the “slave” was “collared.” The term collared is reference to when the slave/victim paid her pimp for the first time.

The article is full of similar inaccuracies and I highly recommend anyone reading this to go and read it and make a sensible non inflammatory comment at the bottom in the hope we can get Mr Ramos to change his views.

What really concerns me about this however is that it’s not some” “random politician”. This is a man who is already a district attorney and who may become Attorney General for an entire state (one which includes San Francisco no less). A man whose entire professional and political career revolves around his ability to uncover the truth, and yet he can’t even research a simple article. If I lived in San Bernardino and had this gentlemen representing the state in a trial I stood certainly be wondering if he applied the same rigour to the courtroom as he does his blog!

In short, I’m glad I’m not an American, not because of the whole American peoples but because of a few terrifying individuals trying to ruin the country for everyone else!


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  1. I was unaware of this – how absolutely awful!

    There are many times I’m glad I’m not in America, and this is one of them.

    xx Dee