KOTW: Schools out

Your kink is not my kink but it’s ok

When Molly first mentioned to me that I should do a kink of the week post I loved the idea; as a new blogger I’m still struggling with ideas on content. When she told be this week’s was on School Uniforms I immediately backed off thinking “but they do nothing for me – why would I want to write about them?”

I then read Malflics┬ápost for this week “School girls: a lasting obsession” and realised it was the only post (at the time of writing) written from the Dom perspective… so here goes another:

I was going to start this off with a standing statement: School Uniforms do nothing for me. But as I sat here and wrote it I realised that wasn’t entirely true. There are some pictures of school girls which I find hot, and on thinking about it I’ve come across a fair amount of school girl porn in my time and rather enjoyed it. Having said all of that I still have no desire to have Little Whore dress up as a school girl…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a nice short skirt but the whole concept of pretending to be a school girl just doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s just a bit too close to age play (one of our few mutual hard limits) for me to wrap my head round it.

So why on earth do I enjoy porn of it? I think it comes down to the loss of innocence and suspense of reality. I watch porn in much the same way I watch a film, by suspending reality. In just the same way I can ignore that there is no way James Bond could have survived that explosion, or that Iron Man’s suit ignores some pretty fundamental laws of physics, I am quite happy to accept that the girl on screen is actually 18. I think for me that removes the age play turn off from the equation. One of the biggest turn ons for me over the last 18 months of our relationship has been watching the change in my Little Whore. I don’t think anyone would say she was innocent to start with, but there has definitely been a fair amount of corruption along the way. I think it’s that powerful image of someone losing their innocence and being drawn into our kinky lifestyle which holds the attraction for me.

This was not where I thought this post was going when I started it, I guess that’s half the fun!

8 Responses to KOTW: Schools out

  1. Always nice to get another Male Tops perspective. True age play scenes are a hard limit for me as well albeit one that has been blurred by an occasional play partner’s desire to address me by a name i don’t identify with. Since it’s done more so in jest it’s tolerated. Like you it is the suspension of reality and insinuated loss of innocence that makes it work.

  2. I agree with Mal – love hearing another Top perspective on the Kink of the Week. I also have no interest in ageplay, but think school uniforms are cute…and yes, sometimes sexy, especially with a red-bottom!

    Welcome to the Kink of the Week!

  3. Thanks jade, hope to be involved in some more KOTW soon!

  4. Yay for joining in with Kink of the Week. I hope this will be the first of many and also yay for more writing from the male Top’s point of view. There is not enough of it around in my opinion. For me it is not the age play element that is a turn on. I am not pretending to be a school girl… I am Molly (a woman in her earlier 40’s) dressed a school girl. I don’t become the school girl I just enjoy the way I look in that outfit and the effect it has on him…. and yes sometimes I get to be a brat then too but I don’t need a school uniform to do that ;)


  5. Welcome to kotw, it’s fantastic to get a Doms view on the subject!

    I agree that the age play thing is a real turn off but for me the whole school uniform thing reminds me of a place and time in my life I hated. If Sir wanted me to dress that way for him I’d have no problem doing so but it just isn’t for me!

  6. It’s lovely to get to hear more tops’ perspectives! Thanks for sharing yours!

  7. Great way to separate fact from fantasy. Age play is a hard limit of mine too